Ducts in galvanised steel

Both rectangular and round ducts in galvanised steel have been produced and assembled in our workshop for over 45 years.  In addition, thanks to the machines in our workshop, for over 15 years we have been able to also manufacture spiral ducts.

Galvanised steel, which we receive in sheets of various dimensions or in coils/ribbons, is then cut, folded and shaped with special machines for creating the necessary shapes (straight pipes, curves, reductions, transfers…).

The main machines that we have available and allow us to manufacture the above are:

  • Plasma cutting machine
  • Shearing machine
  • Press brake
  • Banding machine
  • Calender
  • Machine for closing ducts
  • Welding machine
  • Machine for shaping spiral ducts
  • Elbow beading machine

Our galvanised steel ducts can, moreover, be covered with elastomeric rubber or polyethylene mats both to reduce heat losses and to reduce the condensation of water vapour in the air or on the external surface of the duct, when cold air is distributed.

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