Main sectors in which we operate

Thanks to the experience acquired over the years, we have intervened more and more widely in all the main sectors of our territory, extending our range of action, managing significant projects throughout the north of Italy.


We are increasingly active in the industrial sector, in the automotive sector as well as in the retail and sports sectors.

Thanks to the use of sandwich panels, we are increasingly involved in projects in the biomedical/hospital sector. We have operated in important structures such as the Modena Polyclinic, the Baggiovara Hospital, the Bentivoglio Hospital, the Fogliani Care Home, the S. Orsola Polyclinic, as well as various Nursing Homes completed in recent years in Emilia Romagna.


The completion of new systems or expansions for medium/large companies in our territory such as Annovi Reverberi, Tetrapak, Bosch, CPC Group, Dental Care, Cir food, Sorin and many other.

Biomedical/ hospital

Thanks to the introduction of the sandwich panel, we are able to work in a sector in which particularly high-quality standards, hygiene and cleaning are necessary.


We are involved in the construction of sales outlets of any dimension, from the largest, such as Ikea, Conad and Coop, to small and medium-sized outlets such as Scout, Levis’, Tiffany and many others.


We have operated in two important structures: The sports halls Palazzetto dello sport in Modena and the Palabigi in Reggio Emilia.


We have works with prestigious companies in our territory, such as Lamborghini, Ferrari and Maserati.